The Art of Eyebrows Training

Learn Eyebrow Shaping in this Exclusive Eyebrow Training Course with Jameson

The Art of Eyebrows Training

Learn Eyebrow Shaping in this Exclusive Eyebrow Training Course with Jameson

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Exclusive training in the art of natural eyebrow design and shaping with Jameson. This eyebrow training course is suitable for beginners and professionals who desire to further understand eyebrows and faces and to develop the skills to expertly shape different styles for both women and men.

The class is a very hands-on opportunity to learn eyebrow shaping, and all clients are asked to bring a number of eyebrow models for them to work on during the course. With this training under your belt, you will be far ahead of the crowd in terms of your ability and confidence with eyebrow treatments. Scroll down for more details on the courses.

Jameson's Experience

Eyebrow Shaping Course

Eyebrows Master Class with Jameson

Jameson has over 40 years experience shaping eyebrows for her clients. She was, by our own estimate, the very first ‘eyebrows only’ specialist stylist in Australia. She was catapulted into this unique role firstly by her many happy clients when she was employed as a young department store esthetician in Tasmania.

Jameson has trained in Australia and overseas firstly as an esthetician and anti-aging consultant at the acclaimed Institute de Stendahl in Paris. She continued her education later as a cosmetic tattooist in Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

She has successfully owned and operated beauty salons and spas in Sydney, and over the last 15 years Jameson has focused her work entirely on eyebrow styling and cosmetic tattooing. She finds great satisfaction in applying her artistic and creative talents in these areas, which she feels create stunning results for her clients.

After working on literally thousands of clients brows, eyes and lips, Jameson has developed and refined her own unique techniques for creating perfect brows, eyes and lips. Her thrilled and repeat VIP clients are a testament to her talent, often creating eyebrows where there were none before, or correcting brows for which there seemed no hope. Jameson has a reputation for being able to correct the seemingly impossible. You can view before and after photos here.

Eyebrow Shaping Training Course

Eyebrow Shaping“I have thought for a long time about a training program. Even after many inquiries and being personally approached time and again over the years for training I have always postponed it. I was just not passionate about doing a quick eyebrow ‘workshop’ or short program as I truly believe one can’t reach a high enough standard to be a competent eyebrow stylist in a short time frame.

So, after much thought I have come up with a solution. I have put together three courses, all are extended classes with long practice times where you get to practice doing as many eyebrows as you can, and we document your progress. I really feel it’s important not to do some crash course. Out there in the beauty industry right now, how often does one hear “they’ve cut my eyebrows too short, made them too thin, they ruined my eyebrows”? I have had clients come to me in tears, and then to top it all off sometimes these mistakes are done using cosmetic tattoo, and it becomes an even bigger problem.

So it’s very important when becoming an eyebrow specialist to have a background, i.e to have experience. Of course it takes a little less time if you already have a background in beauty. But I believe to understand eyebrows it takes even longer than to learn cosmetic tattooing. You see, you can take a week course in cosmetic tattooing and it can be relatively easy to learn the technique and understand how the colors work. But to understand how to shape and color natural eyebrows, how to balance and design for each client’s individual face and style, that is a very different level of difficulty.

Often times clients have issues with their eyebrows and one must understand how to navigate this to achieve the best results. In consultations it’s like we are giving an eyebrow prescription; this is where we tell clients specifically what they need to do, e.g you need to let them grow here, fill them in there, change this shape, the length, thickness, keep a natural style, stop over-plucking etc etc. It’s taken me decades to understand eyebrows to the level I have and I’m still learning”.

—Jameson C.

Description of Courses

The Jameson Eyebrow Course (A)

Course A is conducted over 40 classes* and is only offered to students who have no experience or very little in beauty. We believe it is important to have a strong background in beauty to be able to be a competent natural eye brow operator. Without this your clients will feel your lack of experience. Classes are 1 hour plus 1 hour practice time.

*This course can be taken in small groups of 2-4 over 40 classes OR privately, one on one, which only requires 20 classes.

The Jameson Eyebrow Courses (B)

The 20 class* course is designed to teach the art of natural eyebrows and is designed to enable those with beauty industry experience to achieve a degree of specialist expertise as eyebrow technicians. Classes are 1 hour each plus 1 hour practice time.

*This course can be taken in small groups of 2-4 over 20 classes OR privately, one on one, which only requires 10 classes.

  • Home study and practical practice is required to achieve excellent result.
  • Our private course is one on one and our other courses up to 4 students.
  • If we have a full class we will normally have an additional tutor to assist.

For more information on Jameson’s training and her background please EMAIL us.