Eyebrow Design Testimonials


"Jameson was amazing. From the initial consultation I was instantly impressed by the quality of her work. It was clear she knew exactly what she was talking about. She addressed all my concerns and put me completely at ease with her professional demeanor. I felt truly comfortable in her experienced and capable hands. I love my eyebrows now. Definition of "On Fleek" - I never knew such a simple feature could define my face so perfectly, all thanks to Jameson. Perfect natural-looking eyebrows everyday effortlessly."

—Katica Podovec, Sydney


"I first plucked my eyebrows when I was at high school when thin eyebrows were the fashion. Unfortunately over the years they got thinner and grey. It made me feel and look 60 instead of 50. I had to do something about it and so I decided to get some tattooing done and had my eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids done by Jameson and I love them. Jameson is incredibly gentle and takes the time to get the shape just right. I am a swimming teacher so I am in chlorinated water teaching 3 days a week . I have had a couple of touch ups and my tattooing has kept its colour. I highly recommend to anyone out there that has thin eyebrows or very little. You will love the difference."

—Gerri Kafer, Sydney


"Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jameson for my beautiful eyebrows.  I have been a customer of Jameson for just over 21 years and only recently decided to go for the eyebrow tattoo.

Jameson has an eye for detail when creating your eyebrows, she has skills in creating the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. Her patience and caring nature contributes to her skillful hand to create perfect hair strokes and feathering techniques on your eyebrows.

I would highly recommend Jameson at The Art of Eyebrows, for the perfect eyebrow, she is a real artist in eyebrows and can create the perfect eyebrows that every person wants.

Thank you so much for my perfect eyebrows."

—Tina, Mortdale

“Just wanted to email a big thank you for the outstanding work you've done in creating the perfect brows unique for my face & so natural! So much so that when I was on my lunch break, some women at work were talking about one of the other ladies that recently had her eyebrows done & they were saying how'd they'd never have their eyebrows tattooed saying how unnatural & heavy they look - all the while I was sitting there with mine just done! What can I say other then Thank You! I have no regrets & am proud of my beautiful eyebrows.

Lots of love from your very happy client!!”.

—Alicia James, Sydney


Jameson is an exceptional woman. It is great to know someone that is so passionate about their art; she truly understands and cares about my needs. Jamesons' artistic creation is to perfection all the time, every time I see her, and I am truly grateful that I found her.

Thank you Jameson for making me feel remarkable.”.

—Joy VanUden, Sydney

“No one has been able to do my eyebrows like Jameson... I always feel like a million dollars walking out of Jameson’s Salon. I believe Jameson is one of the best eyebrow shapers in the world”.

—Nadia El-Mouelhy, Mosman

“Jameson is an artist. Her eyebrows are a work of art. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else”.

—Chrissy Barrat, Vaucluse

“I would have to be the most particular person when it comes my eyebrow shape. In fact I have only allowed one other person in the past 26 years to touch them. That was until now. What Jameson has managed to do with my eyebrows is amazing. They are so natural and yet so perfect. After the balancing and colour, the actual shape of my face looks different and so much better. Many thanks for your art work”.

—Mona Makaj, Beaumont Hills, Sydney

“Once or twice a year I come to Australia on business. About four years ago I happened on Jameson in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney's CBD. Jameson did such a fabulous job of shaping my eyebrows, a visit to her lovely shop quickly became a priority for each and every trip. By the third visit, I went to a passport photographer following my visit to Jameson and had him take a photo of my eyebrows. I show it to the people at home but no! They cannot get it done right. Sounds strange but it's true”.

—Audrey Mactier, Winnipeg, Manitoba