The Art of Eyebrows Services

The Art of Eyebrows Services

Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrow Feathering

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrows are also referred to as permanent make-up, microblading, or cosmetic tattoo. It is the process of using pigments to tattoo the eyebrows, but semi-permanent tattoo is a light technique and not the traditional body art tattoo that lasts forever. We use very fine needles and a variety of specialized pigments and techniques to create a very natural look that will fade over time depending on a few specific variables.
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Many clients ask how long will it last? This will depend on the individual, as we all have different skin types, and it will also depend on the technique which can vary from operator to operator. In general, darker colors seem to last longer than light colors, and of course there are various strengths in tattoo inks for example iron oxide pigments vs non iron oxide pigments. Jameson doesn't recommend tattoo inks as they do not fade. We prefer to use non-iron oxide inks for the very natural, softer look they create, and even though they will tend to fade over time, they can be added to if desired. For Jameson this approach is more ideal as she always preferences aesthetics over durability. So to some extent the color can last as long as the client wishes and can be tailored to specific preferences. Technically microblading with non-iron oxide pigments will last 3-5 years, but can be made to fade much sooner if the client desires. Some clients prefer to come in once a year for touch-ups while others prefer every two years. Still others prefer to let it fade and then choose if they would like to add more color later. This are all things that will be discussed in your consultation.

A good example of how we tailor strength and fading to suit a clients need is a business man who was happy to have his eyebrows done in stages as he didn't want anyone to notice he was having anything done to them. So over the course of 3 interspersed sessions, we made upgrades to his brows. He was thrilled that over that time, no-one he worked with noticed, but of course he could.

Sometimes people get the techniques we use as a part of semi-permanent makeup procedures as a different procedure all together. For example, feathering, embroidery, 3D or in Jameson's case 6D, are all various techniques that can be used in the process of creating your brows and it really depends upon the look and style desired. During your consultation all these options can be discussed explained and displayed to see what suits you best.

  • our most popular eyebrow design $950
  • standard brows $550 (no correction, shading)
  • no correction, shape and shading, $750
  • with correction, shape and shading, $950
  • ultra brow is $1500 (special), ultra artistic - this is brows where we need to add to them and takes longer.
  • a free consultation to find out the difference and which procedure would suit your needs best.

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Star Brows

Star Brows™

Jameson came up with the idea for Star Brows™ after doing the brows of many models, actors and beauty queens who all wanted to style their brows but didn't want to be stuck with a particular look given that their jobs depended somewhat on being able to change their looks for different roles, shoots and characters etc.

So Jameson has discovered a manual technique involving something akin to a pencil, that still uses pigments, but only to a very superficial level in the skin, so that within 2-3 months the brow design is entirely faded and back to normal.
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It is also possible to perfect small sections at a time so clients can add to their brows in stages until they get the desired shape, thickness or correction, doing only what they need at any one sitting or brow shaping. In some cases one session for a minor correction is all that is needed. This approach can also be used with the microblading, but works in really well with the manual Star Brows™ approach.

It also makes it affordable for people looking to fix specific concerns with their brows but aren't 100% sure of the look they are going for. Or perhaps a client doesn't want work or friends to notice they have had something done to their brows.

A lot of trial and error can be accomplished with Star Brows™, subtly and over time, and once a client feels comfortable with the style and shape, they are often ready to upgrade to semi-permanent makeup.

Naturally Shaped Eyebrow Design

Natural Eyebrow Shaping

Natural eyebrow shaping and design is what The Art of Eyebrows is all about. It is our specialty. Jameson is a true master of eyebrow shapes and how to create the best brow WOW for each of her VIP clients. In Jameson's own words, "If you just want a wax or tidy and don't want to change the shape of your brows, then I would recommend you find a beauty therapist local to you as most will do a good job with a basic tidy and their prices should be reasonable. However, if you need a new shape, design and customised advice on how to achieve your ideal shape, then I can be of service as I have decades of experience, but I charge $95 for a natural eyebrow session. Having said that I'm sure there are many eyebrow specialists out there who charge less. The only thing I would advise is to always make sure the the operator you choose is very experienced in natural eyebrow shaping. Just because they offer this service doesn't mean they have the experience to do a good job. I've been working with eyebrows for over thirty years and I am still learning.

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The good thing about natural eyebrows is they do grow back, so if you don't like the shape they give you, you just need to wait it out till the hair grows back. For some this can take a while. For a short term fix of an unfortunate brow shaping, I often save the day with some Star Brows™ for my clients, which can fill in and fix a poor shape in the short term.

When we come to see me for natural eyebrows we can always discuss at that point if there are any benefits for you to look into extra enhancement or correction work using semi-permanent colour, or Star Brow™ correction.

I often get asked about different face shapes, eyebrow shapes and measurements that clients see in books or articles. As far as these theoretical and documented measured eyebrows go, they can provide a good guideline and starting point, but in my experience our faces are never perfectly symmetrical and so the perfect set of brows are never going to be symmetrical either. They need to be customised to give the impression of symmetry, and often it is also influenced by each clients personal lifestyle and preference of what makes them feel the most comfortable and beautiful. I find a combination of each clients personal preference and my years of experience and artistic input makes for a consistently positive outcome."

Male Eyebrow Shaping

Men's Eyebrow Shaping

We specialize in being able to correct men's brows in stages, over time, as this is often highly preferred so to remain an invisible change over time, where no-one would notice anything has been done.

We have many gentlemen clients, and Jameson loves working on a set of masculine brows. Consultations here are key as we get to discover what the underlying issue is and find the solution that works best for the lifestyle of our client. Issues can range from too bushy, neatening up, more style, thicker brows etc. We spend a lot of time to assess what would work best, in front of the mirror, drawing on with pencil various looks, until we are confident we've found a solution.
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Often this is the most time our male clients have ever spent looking in the mirror discussing their brows, at least with a woman present. But at least this time it is with a woman, namely Jameson, who completely understands their concerns and/or desires.

Remember Jameson offers consultations first where she shapes and draws in the changes first so you can get a feel for the difference that can be made before having to commit to anything. Brows will fade over time and can be made to fast sooner or last longer depending on your needs. See semi-permanent eyebrows for further information on specifics.

Eyebrow Design Consultations

Eyebrow Consultations

We always offer free verbal consults to assess what our clients needs are. If you would like us to spend time drawing with pencil on the brows and taking photos, to really go more in depth into various looks, make corrections, this costs $95. During our consults we can clearly show our clients the difference between artistic brows and measured brows.

Lash Enhancement Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Lash Enhancement

For a very natural look, almost imperceptible to the eye, we can follow closely the eyelash line, with a thin black or dar brown line, to create the illusion of thicker lashes without looking like an eyeliner per se. This is why we call this the Lash Enhancement as opposed to a semi-permanent eyeliner, because of the very natural way this line can be created to look. We always draw on different looks to see what suits before we proceed. Even a line can be artistically done and can be entirely natural or more dramatic. For a more clearly defined eyeliner, which can be created in varying thicknesses please see our Semi-permanent Eyeliner and Lip liner service.

Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Lip Liner

Semi-Permanent Lip Liner and Eyeliner

Semi-permanent eyeliner and lip liner are very similar processes to eyebrows in terms of the pigments, instruments, and length of time the color lasts. The main difference is that we are mostly dealing with a single line and therefor there are not as many variations in technique required. It's important to realize that elements like thickness and color are all very variable and with the lips we can either just do a line or color in the whole lip which is perfect for ladies who have the color in their lips fading. A lip line can extend beyond the natural lip line to give the appearance of thicker more full lips too.
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We always work with our clients to assess which will work best for them according to their skin type, elasticity and sensitivity as sometimes moving out of the natural line isn't recommended in cases where the skin has too many folds that will interfere with achieving a natural look, which is our top priority. Occasionally of course we get clients who are not interested in a natural look and are looking for something far more dramatic and this can be achieved too.

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